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5 Things to look out for while painting your tile roof
01 July 2014

1. Wash the roof first. This is not only to clean off the dirt, but also to remove any algae growth and airborne pollution residue. Use a general purpose degreaser soap diluted with water. Don’t use any soap that contains ammoniac.

2. Check if the roof tiles are brittle and powdery. If the tiles are brittle the paint won’t stick for long. The tiles then need to be coated with a thinned-down coat of bonding liquid. If the bonding liquid is not thinned-down enough it will also affect the adhesion of the paint. The bonding liquid should be thinned-down enough so that it does not leave a shiny surface.

3. Rather apply the paint with a roof brush. By applying the paint with a roof brush you get a thicker film thickness and a more

durable finish.

4. If the roof tiles have not been painted previously, then you can thin down the first coat with 5% of water, but the 2nd coat should be applied undiluted.

5. Paint between 9 am and 4pm in summer and between 10am and 3pm in winter. Low temperatures and moisture as a result of dew and frost will impact on the performance of the paint.