Colour on Site

Paint Master's exclusive Colour on Site services take the hassle out of colour customization, and ensure that you can create just the right colour you need for your office or living space, and buy as much as you need of it, whenever you need it.

Instead of having to rely on a limited sample, or a colour swatch that doesn't always deliver on the colour that you want, our Colour on Site services bring customized quality paints, delivered and mixed according to your specific requirements, right at your door. Our trucks will deliver the ranges of paint that you need, along with our expert technicians, who will mix them for you on the spot.

Using the latest in state of the art automatic tinting technology, they'll deliver and mix just the right shade you need - right where you need it. The computerized automatic tinting software mixes the specific combination of shades that you have chosen, down to the precise measurements and amounts that you require, and reproduce them in 1 litre, 5 litre or 20 litre amounts. And because your unique colour combination is saved onto our database, you can re-order your custom shade as many times as you need.