Paint Master Low Sheen

Paint Master Low Sheen Paint 

This Product New Generation all Acrylic long Life  Low Sheen Paint 

Good durability and UV resistant for the harsh Gauteng climate.

Highly water resistance

Excellent adhesion/Flexibility

Excellent, no mess application properties.

Low odour.

Hides plaster imperfections

Quick drying 2 coats can be applied in one day.

Meets most of the Performance Criteria  of SABS 1586 Grade 1

If correctly applied to a properly prepared substrate, the product has a life expectancy of 5 Years, possibly longer. The use of  a special polymer not only improves Durability but  also properties like water resistance and dirt shedding

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Primed Wood/Metal

Primed Cement  Plaster or Fibre Cement

Previously painted substrates.

Interior or Exterior

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