Paint Master Solvent Based Bonding Liquid

This Traditional Bonding Liquid  is a penetrating, bonding and stabilizing Primer for interior and exterior use on powdery, friable and very porous new and weathered substrates such as lime wash, old paint, new friable or porous plaster and fillers. Once the Paint Master SB Bonding Liquid has done its job these areas can be over coated with a range of Paint Master water and Alkyd based decorative products.

The Primer penetrates deep into the substrate and stabilizes it.

Martin Vosloo SB  Bonding Liquid  has a good alkaline resistance and can be used on objects where aggressive minerals are present.

Once sealed can be top coated with a wide range of Paint Master Water and Alkyd based products.

Excellent penetrating and binding properties.

Excellent adhesion.

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Interior and exterior use

New or weathered plaster, hardboard and fibre cement walls.

Powdery, friable, weathered, previously painted areas.

Lime wash.

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