Paint Master Texture 7

Paint Master Texture 7 High Build Rounded Stipple Textured Paint

This Product is a New Generation all Acrylic long Life  high build Rounded Stipple Textured Paint

Extremely durable and UV resistant for the harsh Gauteng climate.

Hides surface imperfections

Excellent adhesion/Flexibility

Excellent, no mess application properties.

Low odour.

Quick drying 2 coats can be applied in one day.

If correctly applied to a properly prepared substrate, the product has a life expectancy of 7-10 Years, possibly longer. The use of  a special polymer/Fillers not only improves Durability but  also properties like water resistance and dirt shedding

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Primed Wood/Metal

Primed Cement  Plaster or Fibre Cement

Previously painted substrates.


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