Paint Master WB Metal Primer

New generation water based non toxic anti-corrosive metal primer for use on degreased galvanised steel and rust free, clean and dry mild steel, under a range of Martin Vosloo Paints Decorative products. It is a very effective anticorrosive metal primer.

An anti-corrosive primer suitable for use the harsh Lowveld environment.

Suitable for use on degreased galvanised steel and rust free mild steel.

Excellent adhesion.

Excellent, no mess application properties.

Can be over-coated with a range of Martin Vosloo Paint’s  Decorative products.

Low odour.

Based on a water-based resin and can be diluted with water. No thinner is required which makes the primer highly cost efficient.

This Product contains no lead or lead derivates, which makes this product environment friendly.

This Primer dries to a completely water insoluble, tough and abrasive resistant coating. The dry film thickness should not be less than 30 microns per coat. For coastal use we recommend a two-coat application. In the interior of the country one coat is sufficient.

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Degreased and/or weathered galvanised steel.

Rust free, clean, dry mild steel.

Sandblasted steel degreased galvanised metal and aluminum.

Highly recommended for high-corrosive areas such as coastal regions as well as in industrial environments and mines.

Can be used as an adhesion promoter on galvanised metal and as primer for old corroded zinc roofs

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