Paint Master Sheentex

New Generation, all Acrylic, long life Paint Master Textured Sheen Paint
· Extremely durable and UV resistant for the harsh Gauteng climate
· Highly water and stain resistant
· Excellent adhesion/flexibility
· Excellent, no mess application properties
· Low odour
· Hides plaster imperfections
· Quick drying. 2 coats can be applied in one day
· If correctly applied to a properly prepared substrate, the product has a life expectancy
of 5-7 Years, possibly longer. The use of a special polymer not only improves
durability, but also properties like water resistance and dirt shedding

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New Metal

Degrease surfaces with a Galvanized Iron Cleaner to remove the manufacturer’s grease protective layer. This process is repeated until the surface is water break free
· Rinse well with tap water
· Prime the clean, degreased metal with a Paint Master Water Based Metal Primer
· Apply 2 coats of Paint Master Sheentex
· Prime with Paint Master Universal Undercoat
· Lightly sand, wipe off dust
· Apply two coats of Paint Master Sheentex
Uncoated cement Plaster surfaces
· Remove dust, foreign material, fungal and algae growth
· Fill all visible cracks and seal with Paint Master WB Plaster Primer
· Apply 2 coats of Paint Master Sheentex

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